What is MegaBuild.de?

MegaBuild.de is a German Minecraft Citybuild and Minigame Network, which allows players of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition as well as the Minecraft Java Editon to experience different adventures and modes of our new Minigame Network together on a Minecraft server

Survival image
Survival image


On our Citybuild you can get a plot and build it according to your wishes. In the worlds below you can get the materials you need for your construction, if you don't feel like farming you can also simply buy the resources you need from other players in their ChestShops

  • Citybuild (Plotworld)
  • Custom Farmworld (Farmworld with new structures and biomes)
  • Classic End
  • Classic Nether
  • Classic Overworld
Survival image


Minigames have recently been added to MegaBuild.de and are constantly being developed to enhance the gaming experience. You can currently play the minigames below:

  • CakeWars
  • BuildFFA (with Special Items)
  • MLGRush
  • Paint
  • Murder Mystery
  • The Bridge
  • Village Defense

Do you have questions, problems or are you looking for new people to play with?
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With every vote you support MegaBuild.de in reaching new people and you also receive a Votekey, which you can redeem at the Citybuild Spawn and receive great prizes

Server FAQs

You can find the most frequently asked questions about the server below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to join our Discord

Which version do I need to play?
You can play with the latest Minecraft version (1.20.x), both with Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock Edition on MegaBuild.de
Are there ranks and how do I get them?
There are three different ranks on MegaBuild.de, all of which can be achieved without real money. You can find the exact rights of these ranks on the server via the command /rank and on our Discord
What is the quickest way to get support?
The quickest way to get support is to join our Discord and create a ticket.
Click on the link:
Link to ticket support
What is Mana?
Mana is our mystical currency, which can be used for artifacts or the Entites at the spawn. This gives you the opportunity to unlock numerous new functions and significantly customize the game experience.